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best uk slots sitesIf you are new to slots, we’d like to give you a proper introduction. We like to consider ourselves an authority on slots, as we have many years of experience in the online casino gambling industry. Our website is designed with you in mind. To make the most of it, please take a look at all our pages and learn about all the different types of slots you can now play online.

Our website one of the top sources to find the best casinos that offer online slots. The slots games are listed with reviews and available to play in fun mode without having to download any casino software. We offer some the best casino bonuses at your favorite online casinos. You can also find useful strategies and the latest slots news as well.

Types of online slots

Single Line Slot – This is you basic type of slot that has three reels and a single pay line right down the center of reels. In order to win, you must match all three symbols across this pay line. Depending on the combination and the pay chart, you can win your money back or win several thousand dollars.

Bonus Slots – The bonus slot was the next type of slot to be created. The bonus slot can either be 3 reels or 5 reels. The slot game itself will still play normally; but you can also trigger a bonus round by getting a certain combination of symbols. The way that the bonus round is trigger will vary from game to game. The bonus round will be a secondary screen most of the time. You will usually have the option to choose between various objects. The prizes will be revealed and they will take on a value usually between 20x and 30x the amount of money you were betting on the spin.

Feature Slots – Features were added to slot machines a little more than a decade ago. These features are specifically added to 5 reel video slots, as well as other complex slot games. These features were added to make it easier to win money on the reels. These features include substitutes, scatters, multipliers or a bonus round. The substitute acts as a wild card and will match any other regular symbol in order to complete pay lines. The scatter will automatically pay when two or more are anywhere showing on the reels. The multipliers will add a multiple to the normal score of the pay lines.

Multi Line Slots – These slots are generally 5 reel slots, but not always. The multiple pay lines on the slot makes it easier to match up symbols on the reels, especially when the 5 reel games have so many different symbols. There will usually be between 5 and 30 pay lines on this video slot. The more pay lines, the more symbols will be in play, generally speaking. These type of slots often have features or bonus rounds offered as well.

Progressive Slots – There are slots that have a much higher jackpot than the others. These are called progressives because a little bit of money from each spin will get contributed towards the jackpot until somebody wins. These jackpots can range anywhere from $10,000 up to $1 million or more. Once a progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot size resets to the beginning amount. A jackpot can be won in 3 reel or 5 reel slots (or other reel slots as well). In order to win the jackpot, you have to match up the jackpot symbol on each reel across a pay line. Most progressives are a set amount per spin with $5 being the most common. This means that there is generally no strategy associated with these types of games.

You must read the rules and payout charts of any slot game before you play for real money. It is also beneficial to play these games in the ‘free’ or ‘play’ mode. This won’t increase your chances of winning, but you will be able to understand why you won or how close you were to winning. Each slot machine has different rules, different symbols, different paylines and other features that should be known before you start betting.

Look Before You Leap: The Key to a Safe Online Casino Experience

online slots ukThe questions I am most frequently asked from novice online casino gamblers all have something to do with safety. From the security of your personal information to whether or not you are going to ever see the money that you win, there are questions that you’re going to need answered before you deposit. Unless you have a personal referral from someone you trust, I highly recommend that you do a little poking around before you start your relationship with an online casino. I have never had an online casino fail to communicate with me, or refuse to pay me what I’m due. I have always done my research first, and it has paid off. Hopefully you find this advice useful as you embark upon your online gaming experience.

Sensitive Information

The Internet must be viewed as a digital version of the real world. There are unsafe websites, just as there are unsafe neighborhoods. You wouldn’t give the drug dealer on the corner your sensitive personal information, nor should you share that information with online casinos without a little foreknowledge. There are online ads and pop ups and spam emails that offer all sorts of wonderful things. Beware! Know who you are dealing with before giving out personal information to online casinos, just as you would in real life. Once I’m assured that the online casino I’ve chosen is legitimate, I like to read the casino’s policy about sharing my information with others.

Read Reviews

It’s easy to trust in the reputation of a brick and mortar casino on the strip in Vegas. The mere fact that there are hundreds of people inside playing is a living, breathing positive review. The fact that there are people cashing in chips and walking away with money from the cashier, or that coins are shooting out of the slot machines, is visible proof that if you win, you will get paid. It’s a bit trickier with online casinos. How do you know that you aren’t the first and only sucker who’s depositing their hard-earned money into a black hole posing as an online casino? If you win, will you get paid? My recommendation is that you read reviews of real people who have actually used the site. I read reviews for everything I put money toward. From a new car to the purchase of an at-home poker table, I read reviews of people who have purchased these things. When I look for a new casino online, I read reviews and follow the satisfied people.

Will they pay me?

The biggest safety concern is, “Will they pay me if I win?” This is where research can give you peace of mind. Reading reviews about payout and turn-around times is a great place to start. Pair that with reading the specific casino’s information about how to withdraw your money or request a payout, and you will be able to make a well-informed decision about which online casino to choose. Many casinos use e-wallets, and that is a great way to deposit money to get started, and a safe and efficient way to receive payouts when your winning streak is going strong.

Yes, there are scammers everywhere in every aspect of life, but rest assured that there are a near endless amount of perfectly legitimate online casinos. These casinos make their mark by ensuring their customers entertainment and satisfaction from deposit to payout. Look for good reviews, easy and quick payout procedures, and a guarantee to keep your information private. You’ll find what you’re looking for, just look before you leap.